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A cloud based Virtual Learning Environment

Customized and branded for your school with special features which includes Classroom Management, Content, Resources, Result Management and lots more 

Classroom Management

Classroom module customized to your school’s operation for either or both online and blended learning, this application gives you the ability to manage online classrooms to allow teacher to student interactions. The ability for student to access teachers’ content with online or offline support, assignment or test can be submitted with ease and marked real-time. The classroom module also gives room for schools to schedule an entire term work such that students can have a complete feel of classroom experience both in a physical or virtual classroom

Result Analytics

Intuitive Result System that predicts, analyses and monitor students’ performance for continuous improvement. Friendly interface for Teachers to upload students result, analyse and monitor each student’s performance throughout their stay in the school. Parent and student view on statistical analysis and monitoring of students’ academic performance, ability to display by term, year and the entire stay in the school with graphical interpretation of results. School administrator or academic counsellors can easily view each student performance and deploy advice to students based on their performance.

Unlimited Resources

Resources to support your schools’ activities including academic and non-academic content, with our resources your student will make your schools Virtual Learning Platform their closest friend. See detail below


Loaded with about 10,000 eBooks, Videos and Audios. Especially TextBooks and Story Books

Study Guide

Over 200 lessons with NERDC curriculum, covering all subjects from Primary 1 to SSS 3

Practice Questions

We already provided unlimited questions and answers on every topic in every class

External Examination

Common Entrance, WAEC, NECO, JAMB. Your school app can provides unlimited questions

Extra Curricular

STEM, Public Speaking, Entrepreneurship, Graphics, Animation and lots more

More Features

Personal & Career Development, Nigeria in Perspective, Quotes, Riddles, Jokes and more

Online/Offline Classroom

Safe and Secured Classroom Management

Teachers Friendly

Teachers can upload content, schedule content, and use this app to either deliver 100% online classroom or assisted content for offline classroom

Student Favorite

Student’s won’t sweat it as they can access content both online/offline to save data. 

All Content

Provide your content, be it video, audio, images, text, notes, assignment, quiz even time based examination

Let’s get talking

Get free consultancy every week in a closed whatsapp group where your number will not be revealed to any one. Only admin posts or you can private chat or email from the contact us

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Imagine over 100 people working to ensure we upload content for your school, improve your mobile app and ready to support you all the way

100% for your school

The APP is not branded in our name, it is meant for your school alone and that is what everyone sees. You can have all this service for your school today.

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